General Manager Mr. Aco Ilic elected for the Vice-president of GRAS

Business association “Geologic Mining Association of Serbia” – GRAS contributes their work to the overall social environment, promote sustainable investment in geological exploration and development of mines with the goal of efficient use of significant mineral resources and encourage the rapid economic development of Serbia. Realization of these goals will contribute to greater employment and living standards, increasing GDP and fiscal revenue, improving environmental protection and safety, as well as balanced regional development.

On May 8, at the inaugural Assembly GRAS, Mr.Aco Ilic, General Manager of company Rudnik, was elected for the Vice-president of the association. The Association will regularly inform and give suggestions to all social actors (Government of Republic of Serbia, National Assembly RS, Local governments, Local communities, media, professionals and the academic community) through the formulation of competitive and sustainable national and local public policies that will encourage further investment in geological exploration and development of mines.

In addition, GRAS will participate in a dialogues on the most important issues in the mining sector, to enable access to the best external and internal mining practices, organize lectures, an Annual conference of Geology and Mining…