National Award given to the company Rudnik

An event was organized to mark Occupational Safety Day in the Republic of Serbia on Friday, 24 April, at the Central Military Club of Serbia.

Choosing among 70 candidates, the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs of the Republic of Serbia – Administration for Occupational Safety, gave the company Rudnik the National Award in the area of occupational safety, the prize ”28 April”. The company Rudnik equally shares the 2nd place in the category legal entities/entrepreneurs with over 250 employees together with the Pharmaceutical Chemical Industry Zdravlje Leskovac and Telenor doo.

The international Occupational Safety Day is marked on 28 April. In order to promote safety and raise awareness of injuries and the health of workers, the committee of the Administration for Occupational Safety each year gives out the National Awards to the most responsible companies in Serbia.