The visit of the Minister Bačević

The Minister of Natural Resources, Mining and Spatial Planning prof. Milan Bačević, Secretary of State Mr Tomislav Šubaranović and Assistant Minister Zoran Danilović, have visited the company Rudnik on January 16.

During a work meeting with top management of the company and representatives of local government Gornji Milanovac, main results of work of the company Rudnik in the past 10 years were presented. During the meeting, the representatives of ministries were introduced with the problem of mining rents which further burden the economy that operates in the field of mining. The Minister announced that the Draft of the Law on mining and geological explorations will provide a range of incentives for investors in the mining sector, and the government is ready to offer a control shares package to investors who wish to invest in individual projects. He said that this Draft of the law has already passed the three major public discussions and the significant proposals of interested and expert public were accepted and reiterated that investors will have more incentives and a higher level of guarantees for investments compared to the previous law. It was announced by the representatives of the Ministries that the Draft of the law will be released in the next few days and noted that production of the Strategy for exploitation of mineral resources is nearing completion.

During the tour in company Rudnik doo, Bačević said that the company Rudnik is an example of a very successful privatisation of a mine, which can serve as a model of successful business in this sector of the economy to others. The company Rudnik is an expanding company which invests heavily in new equipment, the occupational protection of miners, as well as socially responsible projects. Since privatisation, there have been significant investments in production and research, purchase of equipment and protection of workers, the number of employees has doubled, making this mine one of the best in the industry, said the Minister.