Traditional celebration of the Miners’ Day of Serbia was held in Rudnik

On 6 August 2017, the Miners’ Day of Serbia was traditionally celebrated in the Rudnik company. The employees and their families, as well as the retired workers, visited the pits and flotation facilities.

The official ceremony of the Miners’ Day of Serbia was held in the singles hotel (Samacki hotel). Aco Ilic, general manager of Rudnik company, Zoran Djordjevic, minister of work, employment, veteran and social policy, Zoran Vujovic, president of the Independent Trade Union of Serbia and Sinisa Tanackovic, assistant minister in the ministry of mining and energy were the ones who spoke at the ceremony. The official ceremony was also attended by Marina Furtula, director of the Occupational Safety and Health Directorate, as well as by the trade union representatives.

During the ceremony, there were awards handed to the 11 best miners in Serbia, from the mines of Bor, Majdanpek, Rudnik, mining, metallurgical and chemical complex Trepca-Zvecan, Belo brdo mine, NIS as BLOK, Naftagas – petroleum services (“Overhaul” and “Special works” plants) and 58 jubilee awards for the employees of the company Rudnik for their 10, 20, 30 and 40 years of service in the company, respectively.

At the Sports fields of the Rudnik colon, there were sports finale competitions held during the day, and towards the end of the day, a cooking competition of “The Best Miners Fish Pot” was held and a winner was proclaimed.