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The company was founded with the intention to engage in the trade of metals and their concentrates, as well as the final products of metal sector, as the core activity.  Company Contango trades in concentrates of lead, zinc, copper and silver. The ore concentrates are sold on the domestic market and exported to Poland and Bulgaria.
On September 23rd 2004, the company Contango bought the majority package of shares of the company Rudnik i flotacija “Rudnik” from Rudnik at the auction of the Privatization Agency of the Republic of Serbia and thus became the owner of the first private mine with underground exploitation in Serbia after 1945.
In 2012, the company Rudnik became a limited liability company and the company Contango bought the rest of the shares and became a 100% owner of the company Rudnik. The company Rudnik was declared the best privatized mine and one of the five best privatizations in the Republic of Serbia.
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