Completion of the second surveillance audit of the IQNET SR 10 standard

The Rudnik company has again fulfilled all the requirements of the international standard for Socially Responsible Management Systems IQNet SR 10 which sets the requirements for the definition, implementation, maintenance and advancement of the socially responsible management system in the organization.
The certificate was received in July, 2019. At the beginning of July, 2020, the first scheduled surveillance audit was carried out by the auditors of the certifying entity JUQS. The company Rudnik has successfully re-certified the IQNet SR 10:2015 standard. In August 2021, we have again confirmed the fulfillment of all criteria during the second surveillance audit.

*IQNet (The International Certification Network) is the biggest international association of certifying bodies with headquarters in Bern. It is composed of a total of 37 certifying bodies.
*JUQS (the society for certification and system quality audits LLC from Belgrade – a certifying body accredited by  the Accreditation body of Serbia) a member of IQNet.